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Where technology and creativity meet.

Earthadelic is proud to introduce our landscape and residential design team. Through their collective efforts, Earthadelic is able to offer cutting-edge design services for land and home. Their expertise will help make your project the best it can be.

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Rebekah Rogers

Landscape Designer 

Rebekah Rogers attended the University of Tennessee earning a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Landscape Design and was a Master's candidate in the Landscape Architecture and Plant Molecular Genetics programs. Rebekah grew up with passions for art and science. Spending part of her childhood in Morristown, Tennessee, then moved to Knoxville for college where she gained experience in Sustainable Landscape Design, Landscape Architecture, and spent years in a Biotechnology Lab learning Plant Molecular Genetics. All strengthened the love that she has for both plants and the creative aspects of design. Her goal is to design in a way that is ecologically responsible and honors the complexity of life around us in functional spaces that promote a more sustainable Tennessee. She loves working with native plants when she can and designing naturalistic spaces the most. On a personal level, she has been inspired by influential mentors and friends in her life. Seeing those she loves do what makes them happy and invest in her happiness has inspired her more than anything. On a design level, she is inspired by many Landscape Architects. One of her favorites is Roberto Burle Marx. Rebekah spends a lot of time drawing, reading, and spending time with those she loves. Camping, photography, learning about plants, and bugs are also hobbies she enjoys. Fireflies are one of her favorite bugs that she hopes to help in her line of work as they are an at-risk species.

Personal Motto
“Choose to be kind.”