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There are countless ways to make your swimming pool truly unique. Perhaps you envision many years ahead watching your children or grandchildren enjoy the pool, in which case water slides, dive rocks, and underwater lighting would be worth considering. Others may want a pool for swimming laps or enjoying underwater aerobics. No matter your reason for wanting a new pool, Earthadelic will be there to help you carefully consider all your options.

One approach to the design process is to make a prioritized list of all the features you'd like to see in your new pool. An Earthadelic pool expert can then review your list and help you weigh all your options, taking into consideration the costs associated with installation, upkeep, etc.

Pool Features

& Enhancements

The following list outlines many of the important questions and considerations when designing your pool. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the terminology so that you can better understand the many options you have when building a pool.

Saltwater Pools Knoxville

Salt vs. Chlorine

All pool water is sanitized by chlorine ions. Chemical pools require the continual addition of chlorine (liquid or tabs) to the water for proper sanitization. Saltwater systems use electricity to charge the free chlorine atoms floating around in salt water. Saltwater systems may still require the occasional addition of pool chemicals to maintain proper balance.

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To maintain clean and purified water, your pool plumbing system will include a filter of some type. Options include traditional sand filters, and cartridge filters. Our pool construction experts will help you decide which filtration system is right for you based on available space as well as the size of your pool.

Stone Pool Coping

Coping Materials

There are many pool coping options, including concrete pavers, brick pavers, poured concrete, sandstone, travertine, and other natural stones. Coping is the surface that immediately surrounds the pool edge.

Aggregrate Pool Resurfacing and Plastering

Pool Surfaces

A traditional white plaster pool will reflect the sky and give off a classic blue color. New, tinted plasters as well as pool surfaces impregnated with pebble aggregates and/or glass are new ways to change the color of the water, from deep blues to lagoon greens.

Pool Lounge Areas

Lounge Areas

Many pools are now built with shallow lounge areas that serve as the perfect place to relax in the water and catch some rays. Seating can also be added to the edge in deeper water to maximize comfort.

Pool Fountains and Waterfalls

Fountains & Waterfalls

A cascading rock water feature or fountains that spring forth from your pool deck are a great way to enhance your pool. Some have even built a natural stone sliding rock that provides added fun for kids.

Stone Pool Decks and Pool Deck Overlays

Deck Surfaces

Pool decks can be any number of materials, including wood, stone, concrete, pavers, bricks, or even a natural turf surface. Our designers will help you choose the perfect pool deck surface that matches its surroundings.

Hot Tubs and Swim Spas in Knoxville

Swim Spas & SPOOLS

Swim spas (in-ground) add to the overall pool experience, providing a warm place for bathers to relax. They can be separate from the main pool, integrated into the rest of the pool, or even cascade down into the pool water below! A spool is a term for a small pool with integrated spa features.

Knoxville Pool Slides

Water Slides

We all remember the traditional curvy water slide from our neighborhood pools, but modern slides can be built into a rock wall feature. Slides can also be fully enclosed to minimize the chances of someone falling out.

Pool Lighting and LED Pool Lights


Pool lighting ads beauty to your landscape at night, and also makes swimming past dark safer. Today's LED pool lights offer an array of colors and can be set to one particular hue, or can fade through the entire color spectrum.

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Jump RockS

Your pool guests—and especially children—will love jumping off a boulder into your pool. Or, perhaps you desire a classic diving board for practicing that perfect entry. We'll help you choose what's best for your pool design.

Pool Tile Replacement Knoxville

Pool Tile

While waterline tile is a must for any pool, you can also use tile in other places. Some may prefer tile on steps or ledges to mark the bottom, while others may use tile to delineate a swimming lane. You can even cover your entire pool in tile.

Pool Heaters Knoxville TN

Pool Heaters

Gas water heaters and electric heat pumps are the two most common ways to heat a pool. The purpose of the heaters is to expand the swimming season further into the fall, as well as allow for more comfortable swimming in the Spring. Depending on the size of your pool, the cost to heat a pool can be significant.

Geothermal Pool Heat

Geothermal Heat

Instead of using natural gas or electricity to heat your pool, consider adding a geothermal system to your pools design. While the upfront cost is higher, owners can realize major savings on their energy bill over the life of the pool. Our pool designers can help you decide what heat method is best for you.

Infinity Edge Pools Knoxville

Infinity Edges

Infinity edges are designed to make the water appear as if it blends into the horizon line. They're often placed in a way that makes the water look like it continues seamlessly into a lake behind the pool, or even the sky. The infinity edge acts like one giant waterfall spilling over the edge into a basin below. An added benefit is the beautiful sound of cascading water.

Pool Grotto


The sloped topography common to East Tennessee makes adding a grotto to your pool design worth consideration. A grotto is a covered area in your pool designed to mimic a cave. A grotto can even have a cascading waterfall on top that serves as an entrance into the cavern space. Grottos add interest and intrigue to your poolscape, but can also be a costly addition.

Lazy River Pool

Lazy Rivers

Lazy rivers are the latest craze to hit the residential pool industry. Using carefully planned and angled water jets, a lazy river will snake its way around your property and allow friends and family to relax on a raft or pool float as they're carried along the route.

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Jets & Bubblers

Similar to those found in swim spas, jets and bubblers can be positioned in such a way that they can be enjoyed by individuals lounging in different areas of your pool, such as on a reef ledge or in other areas where someone is likely to sit and relax.

Beach Pool Entry


Also called "beach-style" entries, a sloped entrance into your pool is meant to mimic a sandy beach on the ocean. Rather than stepping down into the water using stairs, swimmers walk into the pool on a gradual slope.

Pool Seating

Benches & Bar Stools

Another great feature to consider in your poolscape is a swim-up bar area with underwater stools or benches. The added seating provides a great place for guests to hang out and relax in your pool. "Reef ledges" are benches along the edge of the pool in deeper water.

Pool Tech


Not to be overlooked are the many pool systems you can now monitor and control on your smartphone. Water temperature, lighting, cleaning modes, jets and bubblers, and just about all other pool features offer apps and online tools for keeping your poolscape at just the right settings.

Pool Cleaners

ROBOTIC Cleaners

When building a pool or making renovations to an existing pool, it's important to consider ways to minimize pool maintenance. Robotic cleaners will crawl around on the pool bottom vacuuming up debris and are powered by the existing filtration system's water pressure. Another emerging technology is to use the pool's filtration system to periodically send pulses of water along the bottom, which essentially "sweeps" the debris into the pool's main drain to be filtered. The benefit of this system is there are no unsightly hoses in the pool.

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