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Our professional team of landscape designers and architects will provide you with a plan that fits your budget as well as your lifestyle. Once you are delighted with the plan, our trained craftsmen will install a sustainable outdoor sanctuary where all of the elements (plants, lighting, stone and other materials) work together in harmony. Our designers will not only help with designing your plan, but also help communicate the plan to our installation crews so that no detail goes overlooked.

Plant Guarantee

We believe the care you give your new landscape or plants is just as important as the design and installation. That’s why we work with you to make sure everything looks as good as it did the day we installed it! In our final walk through, we’ll go over how to maintain certain plants, which ones to watch out for, and watering schedules if necessary. Be sure to check out our plant care guide and plant guarantee.

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Lawns & Sod

Earthadelic can install the lawn you've always dreamed of having. Whether we're starting from seed or installing sod, we can help you achieve a healthy, green lawn.

Annual & Perennial Beds

Colorful flower beds are one of the most requested services at Earthadelic. Let our designers plan for four seasons of color in your yard with a detailed design!

Privacy Screens

Evergreen shrubs and trees are the number one way to add privacy to your yard. There are numerous options to consider when screening out an unwanted view.

Landscape Games

Don't forget about the classic yard games. Earthadelic has experience installing disc golf baskets, bocce ball courts, badminton courts, and even basketball courts.

Mulch & Groundcovers

Hardwood mulch is the traditional product, but pine straw and pine bark can also be used. Gravel is also a popular choice, or unique colors can be achieved with certain materials. Lava rock and crushed/recycled bricks create a red groundcover, or crushed slated offers unique shades of green, gray and black. Of course, plants like Vinca minor or creeping thyme make great groundcovers.

Synthetic Grass

New to our product offerings is the installation of synthetic grass. The newest products are fully permeable and will allow rain, pet waste, and other debris to transfer through the medium and into the gravel substrate below. They are virtually maintenance free and will stay green no matter how dry our summers get! There are a multitude of colors to choose from and the realism will surprise you. Synthetic grass can also be used to create a backyard putting green.


Reshaping your yard with earth moving equipment is one of the easiest and most dramatic ways to change your landscape. Not only can you add interest and dictate flow, but also correct any drainage or runoff issues. We also offer seamless gutters.

Plants & Vegetation

Earthadelic has the green thumb with respect to selecting and installing plants that will thrive in the East Tennessee climate. From flowers to evergreens and herb gardens, Earthadelic is a trusted source of knowledge on what works in this area.

Edible Gardens

Don't forget about the variety of edibles one can plant in their yard. A traditional English parterre is an ideal place to plant your kitchen garden, and incorporating fruit and berry trees in the yard is a great way to add looks and functionality to your land.

Native Plants

Many homeowners want to take advantage of the many beautiful plants native to the Appalachian area. Natives are inherently hearty and therefore require less maintenance compared to plants that have not adapted to our climate.

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