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Landscape Renewal

Proper management will help keep your landscape looking its best. There are a variety of factors that we analyze in preparing a custom care package for your lawn and garden because no two lawns are the same. Remember, if we installed it, we’ll fix it. Never hesitate to call us if you notice a an irrigation zone isn’t as green as the rest of your lawn or simply because a bulb went out in your landscape lighting.

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Landscape Renewal

Lawn Mowing

Earthadelic's humble beginnings were in the lawn care industry. We've grown a lot since then, but we still stay true to our roots and offer professional maintenance for our clients.

Weeding & Pruning

Earthadelic's team of lawn caregivers are ready to help with your pruning and weeding needs. Evergreen shrubs should be pruned once a year in the fall or late winter.


Earthadelic can help with your landscape fertilization schedule, providing the right types of lawn and garden food at the right times. We make it easy for homeowners to enjoy a healthy landscape throughout the year.

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